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london tube map

London Tube Map

London is a huge megapolis with lots of transport options. Perhaps taxis are the most comfortable, double-deckers offer spectacular views but the so-called Tube has its advantages as well. Metro lines are the fastest and cheapest way to get from one side of the city to the other, no matter they are under or above the ground.

Some basic things a traveler should know to not panic in the London Underground

Here are some questions which may arise before you find yourself in this huge railway network and we are glad to give you the answers in advance.
– Actually, why the Tube? – The name originates from the form of its tunnels.
– Is it all underground? – No, its smaller part only. So some sightseeing is available from the London railway network as well.
– How big is it? – The London Underground in Greater London includes 11 lines alongside with the Docklands Light Railway (DLR) in Docklands as its name suggests and the London Overground in Greater London and Hertfordshire.
Central London is located in Zone 1. All in all, there are 9 zones, with zones 6-9 in the suburbs.
– How much? Actually, it varies depending on the time of the day, your method of payment and the distance you are going to cover. Adults are charged £4.90 in cash in Zone 1.
– Which payment method is cheaper? Get an Oyster card, Travelcard or use a contactless payment. This method allows saving about a half of the fare making it only £2.40.
Students and retired people can enjoy discounts.
– Does it work non-stop? No, it is available from 5 a.m. until midnight, with some additional night rounds on Friday and Saturday. Bear in mind, on Sunday it operates less frequently.

Top 8 important rules to make your way easier in the London Underground

1. Stick to the right on the escalator when you go up and to the left when you go down.
2. Remember the rush hours (7.30-9.30 am and 5.00-7.00 pm). Actually, this is like anywhere in the world with similar business hours. So if you don’t have an urgent need, please avoid traveling at this time.
3. The London Underground is very old coming from 1860-ies. Its authorities are constantly trying to make it up-to-date all the time, yet some wagons still lack modern air conditioning equipment. So don’t forget to grab some water with you, especially in summertime.
4. Prepare your ticket in advance – thus you will pass the barrier quicker.
5. Try to get on the wagons in the head or tail of the train – they are usually less crowded.
6. Don’t rush to get on the train before people get off.
7. Check the London Tube map before you go.
8. Don’t leave your personal things unattended. London is a cultural capital of the world yet sadly, pickpocketing flourishes there too.
Final recommendations to feel like a Londoner in the Tube
It is normal to feel confused and nervous in such a huge city like London is, especially in its complicated metro network. Yet, we are trying to do our best to help you to make the things smooth. After all, 24 million people travel by this underground every day and this is a part of their routine. Are you excited about your routine?:) No way, of course. Remember that everybody present in the metro had their first ride ever once in the past. Also, there are a lot of people doing that for the first time in this giant city like you. So just take the things as a common practice. There is no reason to worry. If you can’t decide which way to go or what line to choose, you can always ask for advice the personnel of the Underground or passers-by. The London Tube counts 240 stations but you should not be afraid to be lost as you can always return if you get the wrong way. Have a pleasant journey!

London Tube
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