My Vodafone App Overview

My Vodafone App is a wonderful possibility to save your time and energy. It has certain advantages allowing you to manage your Vodafone account right from your phone and view your data in real time. There is no need to visit stores to pay for your Vodafone bills, to text or call operators to inquire about your internet usage and so on. You are welcome to experience Vodafone online recharge (it includes mobile as well as Vodafone internet recharge) and Vodafone online bill payment, and that really counts when you are on your way and don’t have any other possibility for it.

My Vodafone App advantages

Obviously, My Vodafone App has certain advantages which make your life easier. Let’s consider them in detail. As of now, you may:

  • pay Vodafone bills online with your credit card from My Vodafone app. That’s quite comfortable as you don’t have to look for a place for Vodafone bill payment or Vodafone recharge. That may be inconvenient especially if you are in a foreign city and don’t know the location quite well;
  • recharge mobiles of your close people (up to 5 numbers);
  • track your internet usage;
  • recharge internet online;
  • to enhance your slow internet speed after you have used all the monthly pack;
  • check new benefits of new Best Offers;
  • manage roaming features;
  • monitor the data usage;
  • find out the status of your request/complaints.
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My Vodafone app

Do you feel like trying these advantages? Then start using them. Vodafone app download is free of charge at Google Play Store yet you will be charged for using the internet while downloading it.
Here are the features My Vodafone app will require and ask access to: your phone storage, your location, contacts, directly call phone numbers.
Please bear in mind that My Vodafone App is available for users in India only and it is not available for business so far. Internet data won’t be counted for using this application, so it means it won’t eat up your traffic. It is still possible to use it outside of India yet you will be charged according to standard international rates.
Also, there is some information for music fans. You are granted free 60 days music download. Good news for gamers too, you may enjoy fun games as well.
However, if you have just joined Vodafone or have just changed your tariff from prepaid to postpaid payment, you won’t be able to see all features of your account in full until your first Vodafone postpaid bill payment is made.
Vodafone operators are ready to advise you best possible at 199 or on the company’s site

Vodafone Free Internet:

Don’t miss the famous new promotion action from Vodafone! You have the chance to get 100 MB 3G of the additional free internet! Does it seem alluring to you? Then do it, it is quite easy! My Vodafone App is all you need for that. Please follow the steps described below to get it:

  1. select My Vodafone App at Google Play Store;
  2. click ‘open the app’;
  3. insert your Vodafone phone number to register there;
  4. get your code/One Time Password (OTP for short);
  5. type it on the application;
  6. expect your new additional 100 MB 3G which will arrive soon, you will be texted about it;
  7. dial *111*5# to check the balance.

Please note that this offer is available only in the following cases:
– for new Vodafone app downloads only, i.e. if you did it before you can’t receive the additional 100 MB 3G;
– you may get this benefit only with one Vodafone number;
– you can do it only once, and are to receive 100 MB with the first download only;
– it is compatible only with Android OS, please check for it;
– the offer is created only for Vodafone users in India.

Additional benefits My Vodafone app:

  • it provides Vodafone bills payment online;
  • if your friends are in need of some credits you can transfer them yours via My Vodafone App easily;
  • if you want to track your talk/traffic, it is easy to do it with this application.

Enjoy the new possibilities! Life becomes more comfortable!

My Vodafone App Overview
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