Delhi Metro Map 2017. Download PDF

The Delhi Metro map has 6 lines: yellow line, blue line, violet line, red line, green line and Airport Express line with 142 stations, of which only 35 are underground.

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Delhi metro map in pdf – Download

delhi metro map download

Delhi Metro – general information

Metro is one of the main types of public transport in Delhi. Delhi is a big city and thanks to the Metro you can quickly move from one point to another, comfortably and relatively inexpensive. Today the subway serves over six hundred thousand passengers daily.
The first line on the Delhi Metro map was opened by the Prime Minister of India on October 24, 2002. All underground stations are well equipped with ventilation systems and air conditioning systems. Lifts and escalators at all multi-level stations provide convenience for passengers of all ages and for people with disabilities.

Comfort and safety in the Metro

For visually impaired citizens, were made special tracks on the surface of the platform from relief plates. Platforms are wide and clean with the presence of air conditioning , with several accessible and well-lit inputs and outputs. At the Metro stations, there are spacious ticket sales points and a general information system for passengers. Things are punctured through the scanner, and the passengers are sent on to a manual scan. For ladies there is a separate entrance, in a fenced off screen. The trains are very modern, clean, well lit and air-conditioned – all this increases the pleasure of the trip. If you suddenly need to charge your laptop or phone, then you can use the outlet right in the subway train.

What else do you need to know about the Delhi metro

Remember that it is forbidden to take pictures in the Delhi subway. And even the cleaners will make furious comments and demand to hide the camera.

If you lose a token, then when you exit the Metro you will have to pay the maximum fare. Each purchased token is programmed according to the distance of the trip. Do not be fooled, if you rode more then you paid, exit the turnstile, will not open before you, and you will have to pay the difference the controllers.

In addition to all this, the Delhi Metro Corporation is taking measures to improve and preserve the beauty of the city, planting environmentally friendly trees and building good and wide roads around the stations and subway lines.

The role of the Delhi Metro Corporation is best summed up in its own booklet, which reads: “There is no end to perfection, there is only a beginning. Every achievement becomes a starting point for the next major step.”

Delhi Metro Map 2017. Download PDF
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