Jio Сustomer Сare 2017

Jio Сustomer Сare 2017
Jio Сustomer Сare

Reliance Jio has rushed furiously into the Indian phone market with its alluring free services attracting a lot of people. As always, there are pros and contras here. Is it good for the Indian people? Obviously, yes, in the terms of prices. Yet, a great number of subscribers with their questions and quires regarding the use of their services and issues related to them make the Jio Сustomer Сare lines constantly busy. Nobody wants to wait even if he is eager to use free services.
Fortunately, several Jio customer care numbers are available now, and we are ready to communicate them to you for your convenience.

Jio Сustomer Сare

Don’t hesitate to contact Jio customer care at 198 or 199 if you need your card activation or have some issues with outgoing calls or anything the like. Please bear in mind that you are able to dial these toll free numbers only if you possess a Reliance Jio sim card which is already verified.

With any inquiries concerning the Jio coverage/signal/network or purchasing a new connection please dial 18608933333.
1800-103-8877 is an additional number in case the lines of other numbers are not available.

 If you use any other carrier you still may call them 1800-88-99999.

 If you try to activate voice and data services rendered by Jio please dial 1977 or 1800-890-1977 if you would like to activate data services only.

There is a small tip to stay in touch with Jio Сustomer Сare if you can’t do it through a Jio Sim card at 198 or 199. When you contact them you may be told that the lines are busy. Sometimes this can be just an error which will repeat when you dial other numbers as well. In this case, it may be helpful to try to contact them through other carriers’ sim cards which sometimes can reach them faster.

Jio Сustomer Сare 2017
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Jio Сustomer Сare 2017 updated: June 7, 2017 author: Customer Care India
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